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Postings as of 04/24/01

04/24/01  The practice final is now posted: practicefinal.01.html

04/23/01   Grade Results from Quiz 3      Answers to Quiz 3

04/17/01   The Final exam is tentatively (registrar's words not mine) May 7, 2001; 1:10 pm; 717 Hamilton.

04/17/01   Due dates for the final draft of the term paper and AMNH write-up are pushed back! The new dates are both April 30, 2001 - the last day of class.

03/26/01  The scores for the midterm are available at: midterm.results.html

03/09/01  The answers to the practice midterm are available at: pracmid01.ans.html

03/09/01 Those of you working on dinosaur skin and feathers should be aware that there have been quite a few very important papers on feathers in dinosaurs and other animals from China and elsewhere in the journals Nature and Science including: X Xu, Z-H Zhou & R O Prum, 2001, Branched integumental structures in Sinornithosaurus and the origin
of feathers. Nature, v 410, no. 6825, p. 200 - 204.

03/07/01 Homeworks can be picked up in 550 Schermerhorn Extension (854-4525) from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM.

03/05/01 Class is canceled for Monday, 03/05/01 because of weather. (We will make it up on Wednesday, just before going over the practice midterm.)

03/02/01 The practice midterm is now posted: pracmid.01.html

02/27/01 The views of the Euparkeria pelvis are now on the web at: permtrias8.html

02/21/01 Grade Results from Quiz 2        Answers to Quiz 2

02/21/01  We are now using the CD (compact disk) that comes with your text. Check out the readings,  and note that you should start with the assigned reading for lecture 6.

02/14/01 The due date for the homework assigned on 02/05/01 has been changed to Monday 02/19/01.

02/12/01  Another homework has been assigned on the carbon cycle. It is due on 02/26/01

02/05/01 There is homework for this lecture and a change of due date for it. Homework is due on Wednesday 02/14/01.

02/01/01 Lab students - bring your calculators to lab on Monday, Feb. 5, 2001!

01/31/01 Grade Results from Quiz 1        Answers to Quiz 1