Dinosaurs and the History of Life
Quiz Number 2 - given 02 / 14 / 01

red letters indicate the correct answer

1. Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is present in what quantities in the Earth's atmophere?

A. 21 %
B. 1 %
C. 0.036 %
D. 10 %
2. Which of these gases are "greenhouse gases"?
A. CO2 (carbon dioxide)
B. H2O (water vapor),
C. CH4 (methane)
D. All of the above
3. A Monophyletic Group is:
A group outside the groups in question which is used to define the polarity of character transformations (primitive to derived).
B. A group containing an ancestor and all of its descendants - defined by one or more synapomorphies.
C. A group consisting of an ancestor but not all of its descendants. It is defined by what it does not have
D. A new band appearing at the Mercury Lounge.
4. A Homologous Character is:
A. A character which is shared by taxa by descent.
B. A nice guy.
C. A shared resemblance between characters by other means than descent, such as adaptation.
D. A character found in descendents, not ancestors.
5. This event marks the ascent of diverse animals with hard parts:
A. The Primordial soup
B. The development of the eukaryotic cell
C. The Permo-Triassic boundary
D. The Cambrian explosion