Project: Application of Altimetry Observations to Tropical Ocean Modeling and Climate Prediction

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Ingrid-based Data Catalog access to
some satellite altimetry data and variability statistics

[Please note: Access to Ingrid-based Data Catalogs below is via port 81 of our data server. Some firewalls disallow access to any ports other than the default (port 80). If this is the case, you will see these links hanging forever upon the click, or will get an error message. Possible solutions are to change your firewall settings to allow the access to port 81, or access the links from the outside of your firewall. If these approaches are impossible, write to me, potentially I can help by moving part of the data to a server that uses port 80.]


Small-scale sea surface height variability estimates from the T/P mission is here.

These variability statistics are used for presenting gridding error estimates for the legacy Cheney et al. [1994] gridded altimetry product. For details see
Kaplan, A., M.A. Cane, D. Chen, D.L. Witter, R.E. Cheney, 2004: Small-scale variability and model error in tropical Pacific sea level. J. Geophysical Res., 109, C02001, doi:10.1029/2002JC001743. To download in PDF

Acknowledgement: Supported by NASA OSTST Science Team, award JPLCIT #126578801 to D.Chen, A.Kaplan, and M.A.Cane (LDEO of Columbia University)