Q&A: Snow in Summer in Wisconsin Fri Aug 01 08:09:55 1997

Snow in Summer in Wisconsin

I need to find out if it has ever snowed in June, July or August in the state of Wisconsin.


It probably has, but my inference lacks any proof...

Chances are, during one of the previous ice age summers, it has snowed in the area now known as Wisconson.

Wisconson is a rather large state, if you click on the provided image twice, a list of stations in this view will appear. Clicking on the stations will link you to NOAA NCDC DAILY FSOD, where you could view both daily snow depth and daily snowfall. This information is the tangible proof that you desire. To get it, you must 1. select the station, 2. select the variable, and 3. click on the graph icon. Click on the above link, and use searches to the right of the map and type in your desired station, if you get lost. Using another datset: NOAA NCDC GCPS MONTHLY STATION (go to searches) it is possible to find the montly temperature and precip averages dating back 150 years or so (below right.) Using the filters icon after selecting data, it is possible to get a monthly cimatology (below left.) Using this, along with precipitation charts, attainable the same way, it is possible to make some inferences. Off hand, I have no clue whether or not it has ever snowed during your given periods in Wisconson. I would be more than surprised, however, if it has not.



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Andrew Goldberg

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