Where would I find info on past weather in Warsaw, Poland? I'm interested in two days in May 1997, 25th and 26th.

Thanks for your help.

It is possible to find data for a specific location and a specifc date. But, As of now (July 8th), you can not find specific data for anytime in May.

The NOAA NCDC DAILY STATION dataset has past weather recordings for most stations. Because it takes a while for data to trickle through our system, it will not be until August that we have data for May. Currently our historical data for Warsaw Poland, and every other station, goes through 30 Apr 1997, as seen here. 'Here' refers to all of the recent dates that there are records for within the Warsaw, Poland weather station. There is a more complex shortcut used to select the Time grid, but in this case, it does not make a huge difference. Using the standard method (non-expert mode,) I arrived at the list of dates by finding and clicking the hypertext T in the Data Selection area which becomes active when a specific station (i.e. Warsaw) and data type (i.e. temperature) are selected. The data function option resides on the function bar on the top of many data library data set pages.

In August, the data will be available. After you have located and selected Warsaw, click on the data selection choice under NOAA NCDC DAILY STATION. (the easiest way to select Warsaw is to click on Searches and type in Warsaw)

Link to the master NOAA NCDC DAILY STATION page. Within this link, by selecting a station, a data type, and a date, one can access data for any specific date.

The following page might also help: the instructions for daily data.

Andrew Goldberg

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