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The LDEO Climate Data Library contains a wide variety of earth science data, primarily oceanographic and atmospheric datasets. Both the Brief Introduction and the Data Library Overview show some of the many ways the data can be accessed and manipulated. There are some step-by-step examples, as well as as many answered questions.

ocean climatologies
The Library is quite powerful. For example, the Data Viewer will let you explore the dataset of your choice (for a demonstration, look at World Topography or Ocean Climatologies).

The Library is also quite large. Remember than once you have found the dataset or even the particular picture you want, you ought to bookmark it: any page in this library can be bookmarked.

There are several ways of looking for the dataset that you want.

Dataset Searches

lets you do keyword searches through descriptions of the datasets. The descriptions in turn point to the data.

Keyword Search

Search on a keyword or get a variable by name.

Place Name Search

station data Most of the data in this catalog is stored by numerical location; much of it is global. Thus searching by place name is pretty useless in most of the datasets. However, there are weather data stored by named stations, like the NOAA Monthly Station and the NOAA DAILY STATION data, and searches by name are allowed there.

Datasets by Category

is a set of short categorical discussions of some of the datasets, discussions that in turn point to the data. This is a good place to look to see the kinds of data that are available. Also see the Introduction to Climate Data, which describes a few of the more interesting climate datasets, and the IGOSS Data Products Bulletin, which selects some of the Library's climate data products that help monitor world climate.

Datasets by Source

is a complete list of datasets by local dataset name.

Other Data

lets you read your own netCDF/HDF/CDF file.

Sample Pages

To illustrate the what can be done with the Data Catalog, here are some sample pages. LDEO Climate Group Home Page

Let me know what you think by writing or by posting in the Data Library Questions and Answers discussion/news group. Suggestions for datasets, data file formats, and other changes are especially welcome.

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