If you are in Columbia College ...

Presently you are required to take three (3) terms from the Approved list of science courses. This must constitute a total of at least 9 points. Two of these three courses must form a two semester sequence. The third course must be from a different department than the two that form a sequence. Dinosaurs with the lab (V1001) or without the lab (V1401) can stand as the third one semester course. Or...

Dinosaurs (V1401 or V1001) can form a two semester sequence when combined with one of the following courses in the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences:

The Earth System: Climate (V2100y)
The Earth System: Solid Earth (V2200x)
The Earth System: Life (V2300y)
The Design and Maintenance of a Habitable Planet (V1005)

If you choose the two semester sequence, you must take a third, one term, science course from outside the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences that comes from the Approved list.

If you are in Barnard College...

Students must complete two semesters of laboratory science, preferably concurrently, in the same field. For "Dinosaurs" to be one of these two semesters, it must be taken with the lab (i.e. V1001). It may be paired with the following laboratory courses of meet the Science requirement:

Earth's Environmental Systems: Climate (V2100y)
Earth's Environmental Systems: Solid Earth (V2200x)
Earth's Environmental Systems: Life (V2300y)
Introduction to Earth Sciences I, with lab (V1011x)
Introduction to Earth Sciences II, with lab (V1011y)

If you are in General Studies...

At least three terms outside your major department at the 1000 level or above are required. At least two of these courses must be from within the same department and a third from another department. "Dinosaurs", with (V1001) or without the lab (V1401) may be any part of this sequence.
Earth's Environmental Systems: Life More information on this course, also taught by Prof. Olsen