"Dingus and Rowe" below refers to: Dingus, L. and Rowe, T., 1998, The Mistaken Extinction: Dinosaur Evolution and the Origin of Birds.W. H. Freeman and Comany, New York, 332 p.

NOTE: The bold text (Text CD) refers to the CD included with Dingus and Rowe.

 Lecture 1Dingus and Rowe, p. vii-xiv; 1-9; 297-301.

 Lecture 2no text readings; web notes only

 Lecture 3Dingus and Rowe, p. 125-130.

 Lecture 5Dingus and Rowe, p. 130-156.

 Lecture 6 - Handout, Web Notes, and Dingus and Rowe, p. 130-156; 195-206..
                   Text CD - Systematics

 Lecture 7 - Handout and Web Notes.
                   Text CD - Plate Tectonics

 Lecture 8 - Handout and Web Notes.

 Lecture 9Dingus and Rowe, p. 156-168.
                   Text CD - Vertebrate Cladogram, Archosaurian Anatomy

 Lecture 10Dingus and Rowe, p. 156-168.
                  Text CD - Dinosaur Cladogram

 Lecture 11 - Web Notes

 Lecture 12Web Notes

 Lecture 13Web Notes

 Lecture 14Dingus and Rowe, p. 169-194.

 Lecture 15Dingus and Rowe, p. 169-194.

 Lecture 16 - Practice Midterm.

 Lecture 17Web Notes

 Lecture 18Dingus and Rowe, p. 169-194.

 Lecture 19Dingus and Rowe, p. 107-124; 207-228.

 Lecture 20Handout and Web Notes

 Lecture 21Handout and Web Notes.

 Lecture 22Handout and Web Notes

 Lecture 23Handout and Web Notes.

 Lectures 24-26Dingus and Rowe, p. 11-104; 229-301; Handout ; and Web Notes

 Lecture 27 - Practice Final Exam.

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